Teaching Phonics

Alphabet – Jigsaw Puzzle

Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle – letters sound k, l, m, n, o & p – Launch this puzzle on your Ipad, Computer of Phone.


Initial Sounds Phonics Puzzle

Free Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle

This electronic puzzle is for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile and is based on the initial sounds – k, l, m, n, o, p

phonics puzzle

Phonics Puzzle

Initial Sounds Words:

  • key, kick, koala, kettle, kit, kookaburra, kiwi, king, kite, kitten & kangaroo
  • lion, last, lemon, lamp, laugh, lizard, laugh, leaf, lamb, ladybug, ladder & lake
  • man, moon, mat, milk, mum, magnet, mask, map, mug, mouse, mushroom & monkey

Teaching Tips and Tricks for these Initial Sound Phonics Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Pretest – From running records or other assessments note the sounds students have mastered, need reinforcement or need to have introduced. Have students solve puzzles relative to the sounds they need to ‘work on’.
  • Model – Model your self talk and ways to think about sounds while working through a puzzle with your students.
  • (In your best King Julien Voice) Don’t Touch the Puzzle! – Look at the preview image of the puzzle and have students predict possible words they think may be included on the jigsaw Brainstorm in pairs words .

initial sound puzzle


Initial Sounds Words:

  • North, nail, necklace, net, nuts, nest, nine, newspaper, ninja, nose, needle
  • octagon, olive, on, oxen, ox, office, origami, often, ostrich, octopus, orange & otter
  • paws, paint bush, pants, pencil, penguin, panda, pen, pizza, pumpkin, pig, pineapple & popcorn

Possible Ways to Use these Puzzles:

  • Take a Picture WalkSay aloud, “For some of the pictures on the puzzle I find it a bit hard to work out the u sound . Take this one of the bear… I don’t hear the u sound. Let’s use the letters to work out the word.
  • Putting Pieces TogetherModel self-talk. “OK, now I’ve got it! The picture is of what the bear is riding”
  • Repeat the Sounds“Now I’m going to say the word aloud to myself and listen for the sound.u-u-u-nicycle.”

Puzzle Solving Skills – Model your self-talk as move the pieces around e.g. ‘I like to get the bottom edge sorted first and I then look for the other edge pieces. After that I like to fill in the center of the puzzle. What do you like to do?’

Feel free to give it a spin.

Click here —>  Launch the electronic alphabet letters jigsaw puzzle

Phonics Puzzle

  Push Me & Have fun.