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Lowercase v Poster


Lowercase Letter v Poster – FREE PRINTABLE alphabet poster which focuses on auditory discrimination for the beginning sound v


Lowercase v Poster

v words

letter v

words starting with v

Ideal for Letter Formation Lessons, Reference Chart & Auditory Discrimination  

Phonics Wall Display Poster – Lowercase letter V

   Letter v poster

(a lowercase letter V phonics poster for you to DOWNLOAD and PRINT)

The Lowercase V Poster Auditory Discrimination List

Possible Uses for This Phonics Poster:
  • Retrieval Charts / Sound Wall – When writing in the early years pin these posters to the wall and encourage students to find the sound they are after.
  • Correct Letter Formation – together with students write the correct starting points for letters on the posters. Use a 1 and draw and small arrow in the direction the pencil is to travel. Add a 2 and another arrow when there is a change of direction or a pencil lift.
  • Air Letters – Students trace correct letter formation in the air with their finger and say the words represented by the pictures in the same order as the correct letter formation.
  • Listening Walk – In pairs students use exaggeration and repetition of the initial sound e.g. v-v-volcano to work out the letter represented on the poster.
  • I Spy – While looking at the poster give clues, ‘I’m thinking of a word starting with the sound ‘v’. Give clues to the word. E.g. It is shaped like a mountain.  I pump out lava and magma…
  • Create a Class Book – place all the lowercase posters into a plastic sleeve binder and display it for easy access, reference and exploration.
  • For Home – Encourage students and parents to download the posters at home for the fridge or back of the bathroom door by adding the web address to the school newsletter.
  • Practice ‘auditory chunking’vol-ca-no, vi-o-lin etc
  • Remember to focus on letter sounds before the letter names as this gives students way more access to the ‘code’ used in reading and writing.
  • Syllabification – Clap the syllables they can hear in each word.
  • Use repetition and exaggeration of the final sound heard in each word volcano-o-o

NB Once the students are familiar with the lowercase letters print out the Capital Letter Posters and place them above or beside the small letters. 


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