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b Sound Play Dough Mat


b sound play dough mat – A FREE PRINTABLE phonics resource which focuses on phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination and letter formation for the beginning sound b.


b Sound Play Dough Mat

A Phonics Worksheet with a Difference

This b sound play dough mat is ideal for Exploring Initial Sounds, Letter Formation & Auditory Discrimination.
These alphabet mats are a hands-on way for students to learn letters,
beginning sounds and increase their phonic awareness in an enjoyable way.

b Sound Play Dough Mat – Word List

phonics worksheet letter b

Phonics worksheet letter b


b Sound Play Dough Mat – Auditory Discrimination


How to Download Your Phonics Resource:

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10 Possible Activities:

1. When saying the words place an OVER EMPHASIS on the beginning sound – teacher and student say b-b-b-bear etc 
2. When saying the words place an OVER EMPHASIS on the medial sound – teacher and student say b-a-a-a-t etc
3. When saying the words place an OVER EMPHASIS on the final sound – teacher and student say b-a-g-g-g
4. Trace finger over the large letter b using the correct letter formation and say each the words each image represents. (with and without false pronunciation).
5. In pairs students trace the focus letter on the backs, backs of hands, foreheads, cheeks of their friends. This works well with eyes closed and the students guess the letter drawn.
6. Roll the play dough (or Play-Doh) to a SUPER THICK log and place it onto the large b.
7. Roll the play dough (as above hehehehe) into SUPER SKINNY snakes and place them onto the little bs.
8. Make the whole words OFF the mat and break the word into its component parts e.g.     b                       i                        g. Students rearrange the sounds to form nonsense words 
9. Send the link to these play dough mats home with the children and encourage the students to download the ‘Ones they feel they need to work on’
10. Use a sharp pencil to press dots into the play dough to form a letter b.

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