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Bulletin Board Letters – g to l


Bulletin Board Letters –  g to l  – A FREE PRINTABLE – Ideal for Bulletin Board Decorations, Noticeboards, Classroom Signs and Alphabet Games


Bulletin Board Letters – g to l  

FREE & Printable

Bulletin Board Letters - g to l

Bulletin Board Letters – g to l


Here are a few suggestions on how to use these bulletin board letters:

Board Heading:

These letters can string together to make a colorful, easy-to-read title for the theme of your bulletin board.

Alphabet Pockets:

Attach each letter to the bulletin board to form a pocket at the top. When practicing letter recognition, students can bring in small items to put in the pocket for the letter that starts the word. For example, if a student brings in a rock, they would place it in the letter “r” pocket. For an alternative option, teachers can ask students for words, identify their first letter, then record the word on a slip of paper or index card. Words/items can be reviewed periodically to reinforce letter recognition and to clear out the pockets.

Create a Word Wall:

Use each letter above a list of sight words to categorize and alphabetize for a word wall.

Spelling Scramble:

Print out and laminate a set or two of all letters. Students can practice arranging the letters to practice spelling words.

Phonics Fly Swatter:

Print out and staple letters to a bulletin board. In a group of 3, students can practice letter sounds. To play, two students stand by the bulletin board with fly swatters. The third student reads a spelling or phonics practice word. After the word is read aloud, the students with fly swatters hit the first letter of that word. The first one to hit the correct letter gets a point! After 5 words have been read aloud, students rotate positions so someone else reads.

Phoneme Match Up:

On an index card, write the digraph set students are working on (for example, “_ug” or “_at”. Students can use the bulletin board letters to place in front of the index card to create words with the same ending sound. Words can be recorded in a journal.

Boggle Spelling:

Create a 4×4 grid. Place one bulletin board letter in each box. Similar to the board game Boggle, students form words with adjoining letters, either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. For an added challenge, only allow students a 3 minute time period to find their words!

Forming Letters:

Print out and laminate letters. Students can use clay or plasticine to practice forming the shapes of letters. For another option, students can use dry erase markers to trace over the white space and practice writing letters.

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