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Consonant Digraphs – Jigsaw Puzzle

Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle – Consonant Digraphs – ch, pt, sh, th, ck & wh – Launch this puzzle on your Ipad, Computer of Phone.


Consonant Digraphs

Free Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle

Q. What are Consonant Digraphs?
A. When two consonants combine to make a consonant sound.

This electronic puzzle is for PC, Tablet and Mobile and is based on the consonant digraphs – ch, pt, sh, th, ck & wh

consonant digraph

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ch words – lunch, batch, chicken, bunch, stretch, watch, chase, match, cheese, children, such, catch, chocolate, chair

pt words – crept, wept, leapt, crypt, sculpture, tempt, swept, kept, prompt

sh words – shake, shut, fish, shout, smash, shop. shark, shell, shape, ship, dish, shirt, shower, sheep

th words – thief, thick, think, thing, thirsty, third, thorn, thumb, three, thumb, thin, Thursday

ck words – shock, blocks, pick, back pack, quick, rocket, neck, thick, socks, check, duck

wh words – which, whale, white, whiff, wharf, what, why, whisker, whirlwind, wheelchair

consonant digraphs
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Teaching Tips and Tricks for Phonics Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Take a Picture WalkSay aloud, “For some of the pictures on the puzzle I find it a bit hard to work out the ch sound . Take this one of the people sitting together around the table… I don’t hear the ch sound. Let’s use the letters to work out the word.
  • Putting Pieces TogetherModel self-talk. “OK, now I’ve got it! In the picture where the people are sitting they are having lunch
  • Repeat the Sounds“Now I’m going to say the word aloud to myself and listen for the ch sound. Lun-ch-ch-ch.”

Puzzle Solving Skills – Model your self-talk as move the pieces around e.g. ‘I like to get the bottom edge sorted first and I then look for the other edge pieces. After that I like to fill in the center of the puzzle. What do you like to do?’

Click here —> Launch the electronic Consonant Digraphs Jigsaw Puzzle

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