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Consonant Digraphs – Jigsaw Puzzle

Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle – letters sound v, w, x, y,z – Launch this puzzle on your Ipad, Computer of Phone.



Consonant Digraphs

Jigsaw Puzzle

Hi All,

Ok. Getting busy here this today. Working on function Vs Form. I’m making the jigsaws work first then I’ll make the pages look pretty. Might even write some notes 🙂 

This puzzle is for PC, Tablet and Mobile and is based on the consonant digraphs – ch, pt, sh, th, ck & wh

consonant digraph

Jigsaw Puzzle – Consonant Digraphs – ch, pt & sh

Feel free to give it a spin.

Click here —> Launch the electronic Consonant Digraphs Jigsaw Puzzle

consonant digraphs

Consonant Digraphs – th, ck & wh

Have fun.