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CVC Words – Jigsaw Puzzle

CVC Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle – Short e, Short o & Short e – Launch this puzzle on your Ipad, Computer of Phone.


Free Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle

Q. What are CVCs?
A. A CVC is a word made up of a Consonant then a Vowel & then a Consonant.

This electronic puzzle is for PC, Tablet and Mobile and is based on the CVCs – short o, short u & short e

cvc phonics puzzle

cvc Phonics Puzzles – Short o & Short u

CVC Words:

  • cog, cob, rock, lock, top, dock, mop, pop, fog & dog
  • jog, hog, cot, hop, log, hot, sock, dot & frog
  • mug, sun, cut, gum, luck, bus, tub, duck, hut

phonics puzzle cvcPhonics Puzzles cvc – Short u and Short e

CVC Words:

  • nut, bun, crumb, mud, fun, thumb, drum, bug, hug, grub
  • jet, vent, I went, beg, best, pet, red, bet, get, send
  • test, peg, legs, nest, hen, rest, vet, net, bent, vest

Possible Ideas for Use: 

  • Take a Picture WalkSay aloud, “For some of the pictures on the puzzle I find it a bit hard to work out the e sound . Take this one of the aeroplane … I don’t hear the e sound. Let’s use the letters to work out the word.
  • Putting Pieces TogetherModel self-talk. “OK, now I’ve got it! The picture of the person sitting on the lounge is for rest.”
  • Repeat the Sounds“Now I’m going to say the word aloud to myself and listen for the e sound. r-e-st.”

Puzzle Solving Skills – Model your self-talk as move the pieces around e.g. ‘I like to get the bottom edge sorted first and I then look for the other edge pieces. After that I like to fill in the center of the puzzle. What do you like to do?’

Click here —> Launch the electronic CVC Words Jigsaw Puzzle

Have fun.

Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle
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