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Alphabet – Jigsaw Puzzle

Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle – aaabcd – Launch this puzzle on your Ipad, Computer of Phone.


Alphabet Jigsaw – Phonics Puzzles

phonics puzzle

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This electronic puzzle is for PC, Tablet and Mobile and is based on initial sounds – a, a, a, b, c & d.

Words in the Puzzles:

  • ape, angel, aim, ate, first aid, apron, apricot, acorn & April
  • attach, apply, above, ahead, applause, afraid, attack, around, amazed, awake
  • attack, arrow, action, apple, alligator, acrobat, arrow, axe, apple, astronaut, avocado, angry, 

phonics jigsaw puzzle

Phonics Puzzles

  • boat, balloons, ball, boy, banana, bag, bird, bear, bee, bat, bus
  • camping, cabin, car, camel, carrot, coat, cake, cup, cat, cans, cup of coffee
  • donuts, dog, dinosaur, duck, dice, desert, dolphin, dolphin, door, doctor, dancer

Teaching Tips and Tricks for these CVC Phonics Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Pretest – From running records or other assessments note the sounds students have mastered, need reinforcement or need to have introduced. Have students solve puzzles relative to the sounds they need to ‘work on’.
  • Model – Model your self talk and ways to think about sounds while working through a puzzle with your students.
  • (In your best King Julien Voice) Don’t Touch the Puzzle! – Look at the preview image of the puzzle and have students predict possible words they think may be included on the jigsaw Brainstorm in pairs words . 

Feel free to give it a spin.

Click here —> Launch the electronic Initial Sounds Jigsaw Puzzle

Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle

Push Me & Have fun.

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