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q sound – Alphabet Flip Book


Guided Reading Phonics Flip Book – A FREE PRINTABLE book for flipping sounds. This one focuses on the qu sound


q Sound Phonics Flip Book

initial sound q words

This Guided Reading q words Flip Book is Ideal for Learning Difficulties Students & Early Reading Lessons.  

q words flip book

q words flip book

sound Flip Book Word List



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What is a Phonics Flip Book?

A phonics flip book is a printable learning resource. It is used to help students focus on the sounds they need to know in learning to read.

How this q words phonics flip book helps in learning to read.

1. EngagementLittle ones love to “read” this little book to their friends, parents, siblings… and anyone else who will listen. You can often see them ‘playing school’reading flip books over and over again to their stuffed toys and dolls.
* Phonemic AwarenessThe flip book is set out to really bring home the sound the letter makes. Be sure to use the letter sounds and repeat the sentence for each word flipped.
* At the Point of Need is set up so as soon as you notice a student needs to focus on a particular sound, you can print out a resource that focuses on that sound. You can then explore and practice the sounds and words immediately.
* Differentiation and Ownership – Students can make their own dedicated, individualized learning-to-read resource.
* Easily Add the q words Flip Books to Home Reading Program – Have parents and carers attach the flip books to the fridge door at student eye level using magnets.
* Only the Lowercase Letters – When teaching a child to read, educators need to supply students with the best tools to ‘crack the code’ of text to meaning. NB Capital Letters and Letter names are not useful tools for ease of access to cracking the code so are not included in this resource.

How to Download the initial sound q Sound Phonics Flip Book:

1. Add the q words phonics flip book to your Cart using the ‘Add to Cart’ Button. NB You can only get the resources 2 at a time. #longstory
2. Press the very small ‘View Cart’ Button at the very top right of this page.
3. Press the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ Button –  (it is a bit lower on the page than you’d think).
4. Add your email address to prove you are human.
5. Press ‘Place Order’ and then scroll down to ‘Order Details’ and click on your resource there. It will open ready to save, print, cut out, laminate and use.

How to Make a Phonics Flip Book:

1. Print out the phonics flip book you need.
2. Cut out the 4 rectangular parts of the flip book leaving the large rectangle in one piece. It will form the base of the flip book.
3. Arrange the rectangular pieces so all the words ‘staple’ are all lined up. Make sure the cover image (the one without the word stapleon it) is on the front.
4. Staple the words onto the base piece.
5. Flip the words up and down to read.

Possible Uses for Phonics Flip Book:

* In pairs children read the flip book to their partner. Make sure they say say the letter sound not the letter name: ‘q like in…
* Pin the flip books to felt boards so the students can interact with them during Print Walks.
* Spend 5 minutes in Guided Reading Sessions using this resource as a phonics sound focus.
* Send the flip books home as part of a home reading program. Students pick the ones they think they need to work on.
* Students make their own phonics flip books based on the sounds they think they need to work on.
* Publish the website in your school or class newsletter. Have students print out their own resources and bring them in to class. Once they have learned the concept, the flip book is placed into the class collection. NB This can really save on printer ink.

Tips and Tricks

  • Read them Everywhere – Take advantage of the flip book’s portability. Have students read: while dinner is being made, during car rides, on the bus, in the doctors’ offices or on the sideline of sporting events. The possibilities are almost endless.
  • Warm Ups – Use phonics flip books to get groups of students ‘warmed up’  / ‘In the Zone’ and ready for reading sessions.
  • Use Your Fingers – have the students trace the focus letter q as they read the words in their flip book.
  • Go Beyond – As students master their flip book, encourage them to find other words using the same phonemic sound. They’ll quickly learn “ball” begins with the ‘b’ sound so encourage them to explore other words beginning with ‘b’ recognize ‘butterfly’,‘bubble’ and ‘Bob’
  • Hear and Move – After practicing the q sound in the flip book, make up ‘silly sentences’ orally using multiple words from it. When students hear the focus sound, have them clap, stomp or wiggle their fingers! Say the sentence fast and slow for a bit of variety.

How to store? – I like the idea storing the books in a shoe box so you can flip through to find the one you need. Don’t throw the flip books away after a child has learned the content. Recycle and reuse them (if there aren’t too many food, juice and hand print stains) hehehe

Where to Next?

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qu phonics sound poster

qu phonics sound poster

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