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spr Words – Phonics Poster


spr Words – A FREE PRINTABLE phonics sound poster which focuses on auditory discrimination for the beginning sound spr.


spr Words

spr words Phonics Poster

Ideal for Exploring Onset and Rime, Auditory Discrimination involving the Trigraph spr   

spr words

spr Sound – Phonics Poster


spr Word List


How to Download Your spr Sound Phonics Poster:

  1. Add the spr words poster to your Cart using the ‘Add to Cart’ Button. NB You can only get the resources 2 at a time. #longstory
  2. Press the very small ‘View Cart’ Button at the very top right of this page.
  3. Click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ Button
  4. Type in your email address to prove you are human 
  5. Press ‘Place Order’ and then scroll down to ‘Order Details’ and click on your resource there. It will open ready to save, print, cut out and laminate.

One Way to Use this Poster:

  1. Students sit in pairs.
  2. Introduces the spr poster on the website and models the onset and rime.
  3. Model giving clues for the students to guess e.g. ‘I like to _________ chocolate on my ice-cream ‘, ‘To run quickly is to _________ ‘. 
  4. Students guess the word and spell it to their partner. 
  5. In pairs the students create clues for their partner to guess.
Another Possible to Use this Poster:
  1. Complete a running record or a student.
  2. If the spr sound appears to be a sound the student needs knowledge on, go to and find & print the spr words poster.
  3. Explore the poster together.
  4. Practice the onset & rime.
  5. Place the poster in a loose leaf folder to create a book or personal sounds the student needs to work on. 

Yet Another Way You Might Like to Use this Poster

  • Recorded Reading – students record themselves reading the word lists (phone, tablet, PC) and listen to themselves reading the words back. Ask them to identify words they need to practice and what they perceive to be the problem. How will we fix that problem?

Where to Next?

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