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Uppercase Puzzle – Letter N


Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle – N – A FREE PRINTABLE phonics jigsaw puzzle. Use it to focus on phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination & letter recognition.


Alphabet Puzzle for Kids

 Printable Letter N Jigsaw Puzzle
(Uppercase  –

Alphabet Puzzle Capital N

Alphabet Puzzle – Capital N with Pictures


N Words List 


About the N Alphabet Puzzle:

Each phonics puzzle shows a letter of the alphabet divided into easy-to-cut-out sections. Each section of the puzzle shows a picture associated with the sound the letter makes. The images are colorful and engaging. The puzzle aims to have students solve it by connecting the pieces together to form the letter ‘N’ and at the same time reinforce the letter/sound relationship.

Possible Phonics Activities to do with this Jigsaw Puzzle:

Just Play:

Cut the puzzle out and just let them enjoy putting it back together and talking about it.

False Pronunciation Phonics Activity: 

When discussing the words used in the puzzle, have the students repeat the words with a ‘false pronunciation’ e.g. n-n-ninja, n-n-nest, n-n-net, n-n-nail. This provides plenty of auditory discrimination practice of beginning, medial and final sounds. 

In the Bag Phonics Activity:

Place the pieces of 1, 2 or 3 puzzles into a bag. In pairs, the students take turns drawing a puzzle piece out of the bag and placing it on a flat surface roughly where they think it should go to complete the puzzle. The students take turns removing pieces from the bag until the puzzle is complete. N.B You may like to have the students use the word they draw from the bag in a sentence to add an extra dimension to the activity. 

Cut and Paste Phonics Activity: 

After thoroughly exploring the puzzle, creating sentences for each of the words, playing games with it etc, etc the students glue the pieces down onto a piece of colored paper to take home for display on the door of the fridge 🙂

Super Silly Sentences:

With either a little whiteboard or orally, students create tiny ‘stories’ or sentences using as many of the words mentioned in the puzzle as possible. Try setting the task a ‘mood’ or ‘tone’ to encourage creative responses e.g. With a partner compose a 3 sentence story using as many of the words from the puzzle you can that is… silly, sad, a love story, set in a school, etc. 
e.g. One A-a-a-April morning an a-a-ape, an a-a-alien, and an a-a-angel walked into a bar and asked for apricots. A secret service agent, dressed in an apron and playing cards with his friends, said, ‘Sorry, we only have acorns’. She then played an ace and won the game.

Puzzle Preparation:

  1. Print the puzzle onto card stock.
  2. Cut out the letter.
  3. Cut each letter into individual pieces along the black lines.

Cutting the Inside of a Closed Shape Hint:

To cut out the inner piece of closed letter shapes, gently fold the letter over until it almost creases. Then snip a hole across the ‘almost crease’ rather than pushing the end of the scissors through. This method results in a lot less blood and paperwork!

Durability Tip:

As you probably know, classroom use takes a HUGE toll on resources like these. To increase the longevity of the puzzles, print them on heavier card stock (I prefer 200mg) and laminate them.

Lost Pieces of the Phonics Puzzle Tip: 

I highly recommend using this little code on the back of EACH piece of EACH puzzle. This way, if pieces get ‘lost’ one can easily find it a home. In my case, I use P1-a for Puzzle One a – P2-a, P1-t etc. You will thank me 🙂 

Storage Tip:

Using envelopes is a very efficient way to store these puzzles. Firstly I label the envelope with what puzzle is inside. Next, I stand the envelopes a shoebox in alphabetical order for ease of access. Another storage option is to use ziplock bags.

Demonstrating the Puzzle:

Adhesive Magnets – One option is to attach adhesive magnets (they are cheap on Amazon). These magnets have a magnetic side and an adhesive side. I like to attach them to the large version of the puzzle so it can be demonstrated and discussed on any metal surface. This makes the puzzle a great addition to home reading programs.

Blu Tac – is another option, though not as easy to use as the magnets.

How to Download Your Printable Letter long a Jigsaw Puzzle:

  1. Add the Uppercase N jigsaw puzzle to your Cart using the ‘Add to Cart’ Button. NB You can only get the resources 5 at a time.#longstory
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